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Even though all the available evidence suggests that the once-lucrative, dystopian YA adaptation trend has run its course, the producers behind the Divergent series would beg to differ. Given its derivative, original plot and logic-challenged world building, Veronica Roth’s YA series didn’t exactly merit big-screen adaptations, but here we are, three films

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mad max fury road
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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD — Traditional classicism meets new-school action pyrotechnics in this viscerally exciting, entertaining action films.

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(All photos courtesy of CAVU Pictures) Everyone goes through an awkward phase on the journey from the shallow kids’ pool to the deep end known as adulthood. But if you’re like Mica, a boy who smells like fish, it may take a little longer to brave new waters. That’s the

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Divergent trailer

The final trailer for Divergent, based on the trilogy by Veronica Roth, has been released and it looks epic!

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The summer blockbuster movie season has begun in full force and one of the films that is highly anticipated is After Earth, and I recently got to email interview newcomer Jaden Martin who stars in the film as Jaden Smith’s characters younger version.

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Tribeca Films are emerging as a new superpower in independent film distribution with an impressive slate of 2011 releases. Among them are the Scottish gang movie, Neds, which is actor Peter Mullan‘s next film after the highly successful The Magdelene Sisters hit screens back in 2002. It tells the story

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