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Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and Joe Manganiello are all in the running to play Batman in Man of Steel 2. Keep reading for more details.

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It’s not fair to say that Man of Steel is a boring film, or even a bad film, because it’s not. It’s an ironic film, because the action that takes over the latter third of the movie is far less engaging and powerful than the moments when we’re simply given the opportunity to learn who Superman is and what he represents.

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Superman gets a super serious remake in Man of Steel. The sweeping orchrestral music and epic special effects shots in this trailer really let you know that this is the Christopher Nolan-like take on Superman and not the Richard Donner films of yesteryear. Watch the trailer here: [springboard type=”video” id=”621827″

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All of the recent Avengers hullabaloo has, undoubtedly, rekindled Warner Bros.’ Justice League flame because earlier this week they revealed that Will Beall is currently working on a Justice League script.  Apparently he has been working on it for some time as well!  Beall’s only previous credits include TV’s Castle

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