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This week on The Popcast we see the Michael Shannon scale of intensity go up a few notches as we discuss Man of Steel, This Is The End, After Lucia, Wrong and I Give It A Year.

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If you woke up one morning and found that your dog wasn’t in your house anymore, how would you react? In Quentin Dupieux’s film Wrong, we’re taken on an interesting journey when Dolph Springer, a man who has been fired from his job for 3 months but continues to go

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Fantastic Fest has eluded me for so many years now and I finally get to take part.  I’m so excited that I am coming out of my skin, which seems appropriate given the subject matter at the fest.  What is Fantastic Fest you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you, or better

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Welcome to the Popcast Podcast Episode 46 Our panel today consists of: Mal, Gwen, Dan and I am your host Jim Napier. We have a great show lined up….HOT SONG OF THE WEEK – Link Up by Wiley First Up is this weeks Review Recap. What did you watch this

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