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Oz the great and powerful

Sitting through Oz the Great and Powerful was an exercise in tedium, one of those films that almost has me questioning why I do what I do. It is terrible. It is not great, nor is the spell it is supposed to cast over the audience powerful. The film starts

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One of the most anticipated movies this winter is Les Miserables. With that coming out on Christmas Day, you’ll know just want to get your friends and family excited for it’s release – another musical movie on DVD or Blu-Ray! Even if you’re not a musical fan traditionally, there’s such a wide

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During the lively Walt Disney Studios panel today at Comic Con, Sam Raimi debuted the first trailer for his James Franco starring Oz The Great and Powerful!  As any readers of my weekly Video Vault column know, I am one of the biggest fans of all things Oz, especially Disney’s

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Robert Zemeckis and Warner Bros. are in early negotiations to develop a live-action remake of the The Wizard of Oz based off of the original script from the 1939 classic. When Warner Bros. bought the Ted Turner’s media empire they also came into possession of the screenplay.  There may be dueling Oz projects with Disney trying very

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