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Looper is one fantastic movie. However, while you may enjoy it while watching, some lingering time travel doubts creep in and diminish the experience. The more you think about it, the less sense it makes. Luckily, the team at have created this handy video on how Looper should have ended, including

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There is no denying that Danny Trejo is a true badass, but the grizzled action star now has the lead role in a movie of the same name under his belt.

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While the trailers for Mirror Mirror have me doubtful on its success, this new video that’s squarely aimed at going viral is cute, funny, and certainly topical. Instead of releasing another trailer or clip, the team behind Mirror Mirror have decided to tell the tale using modern social media, but fairy tale

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In the world of viral videos, lip-dubs and voice overs are easy to make and ever present. So when one comes around that truly makes you laugh, you know it’s special. In honor of our Beauty and the Beast 3D coverage as of late, it only makes sense to share

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