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As a connoisseur of golden age cartoons, Adult Swim’s gag driven animated series, Superjail!, hits a real soft spot in my heart.

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The standards for what is acceptable in cinema are in a constant state of evolution as we move toward a more compassionate and politically correct world. While I can’t condone the following controversial material, it is still interesting to see the “artistic choices” of filmmakers of yore. Now having given you the obligatory Leonard Maltin “it was a different time” preface, I am pleased to present to you this list of questionable animated shorts that don’t quite understand the meaning of the holidays. There is something off about these cartoon Christmases

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What do you get when you cross Guy Ritchie, with the Hangover, and a little bit of Crank? Black Out from the Netherlands, and it’s great!

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The history of maverick filmmaker Ralph Bakshi‘s 1992 return to feature length films, Cool World, is the quintessential example of a studio’s complete disregard for artistic vision, maximization of profits, pandering to the powerful, double dealings, manipulation, and Hollywood nepotism.  The film marked the end of a 9 year movie

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