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SELF/LESS: A bland, generic, formulaic script that makes for a blank, generic, formulaic action-thriller.

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If you haven’t seen NBC’s Deception, don’t miss this quick overview and insight right from the stars themselves about season one. If you have seen Deception, then you probably know why it deserves to be renewed. It’s addictive, suspenseful, and even funny. Just not enough people know about it; 5.6 million people watched the pilot

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To promote the new NBC primetime soap opera Deception, stars Victor Garber, Katherine LaNasa, and Ella Rae Peck sat down at a roundtable lunch in Midtown Manhattan to discuss what we’ve already seen in Season 1 and what to expect in upcoming episodes. Also starring Meagan Good, Tate Donovan, and Laz Alonso, Deception is a drama about the Bowers family, who

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This week we have some Oscar nominated releases with Argo and Anna Karenina plus some other awesome releases: Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season and Sinister. The Oscars are coming up in a few days and Argo is pretty much the front runner for Best Picture, thanks to a

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Although literally a tale of princes and queens, WILLIAM & CATHERINE: A ROYAL ROMANCE is fundamentally the story of two 20-somethings trying to determine whether they can be together in spite of their differences. For those of you who like entirely sappy, romantic, fairy-tale-like movies and did not watch WILLIAM & CATHERINE when it originally aired on the Hallmark Channel (that’s right, I said “you” because I did watch it), this DVD is for you. You will laugh and you might cry, but you definitely will not be able to turn it off before the happily ever after.

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Ben Affleck is a great director, and I have been interested in seeing hew newest film,  Argo, since it was first announced. The film is based on a Wired magazine article by Joshuah Bearman, called How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran. The true story depicts “how the CIA and the Canadian government teamed to

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