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One of the most under-seen Halloween staples is the Legendary Studios film, Trick ‘r Treat. It came and went in theaters far too quietly and only really started getting a fan base once it became available on DVD/Blu-ray and Netflix Instant. The horror anthology stars some familiar faces, including True Blood‘s Anna

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One of my favorite recent horror flicks is TRICK R TREAT. You should definitely watch it on Netflix Instant tonight if you don’t have any plans. Or check out any of the other films I recommended in my Queued Up piece on!  TRICK R TREAT is a great horror

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October is the time for horror and thrills! Netflix has a slew of films available to watch instantly to get you into the Halloween mood – ranging from some campy B-movies, horror comedies, and then movies that will just straight up scare you. Below are a few of my recommendations,

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When you think of Christmas you think of movies like A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and It’s A Wonderful Life. Horror movies are synonymous with Halloween, but one film sticks out from the bunch and that is Trick R Treat.Surprisingly this film did not get a theatrical run which is

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