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  At this point, everybody knows what they’re getting with a Michael Bay film. Pretty action and the subtlety of a tank rolling down the road. His movies are big, loud and dumb. Looking at the box office totals for his movies, it seems people really like that about Bay.

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Funko introduces two new collectibles only available in comic book shops: the Hikari Transformers Nemesis Prime Sofubi and Marvel X-Force Deadpool Wacky Wobbler. Nemesis Prime is set to release in comic shops January 21st followed by the Wacky Wobbler Deadpool available in March 25th. The sinister clone of Optimus Prime

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Ghosts, air conditioner wielding zombies, President Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beetlejuice 2, Darth Vader, oreos, and the pursuit of an honest portrayal of nerdom on The BastardCast!

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The third and final season of the Daytime Emmy® Award winning CG-animated series “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters” on The Hub will debut Friday, March 22 at 4:30 p.m PT. And YOU can be part of the excitement! We are giving away 1 pair of tickets (total of 2 seats) to

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Let’s be honest. Everyone watches the Super Bowl to solely catch the array of awesome new commercials from the country’s leading companies right?! Well, that’s why I watch the Super Bowl every year (unless the Titans or the Falcons are in playing which doesn’t exactly happen that often). Some of the coolest

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How many times have you been invited over to a friend’s house on Friday night for a home theater demo? The conversation usually goes something like this: “Oh man, you’re never gonna believe how good The Matrix sounds with my new subwoofer. You wanna check it out?” In 1994, Bose released its first

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Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed that Michael Bay himself will “reboot” his own franchise for Transformers 4. Here is what Bonaventura had to say: Michael’s going to direct it and it will be in the summer of 2014. He’s a cool customer, he’s excited and I think the challenge there is

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