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Blu-ray and DVD

This weeks biggest release in my opinion is a film that everyone should definitely see. It’s a movie I feel like many people missed out on. It is quite worthy of buying! Don’t forget to let me know if there’s something that should be a must have or if there’s any

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I am a fan of Nicolas Winding Refn‘s films, with Bronson and Driver being my favorites. Valhalla Rising was Refn’s most unique works, that is until I watched Only God Forgives. Starring Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Burke, and Yayaying, Rhatha Phongam, Only God Forgives is a slow, over-stylized

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Blu-ray and DVDFeatures

This week there are plenty of shows to choose from, so all the TV show junkies out there can get their fix, and one of the summer’s big hits Snow White and the Huntsman is also out. You still have time to enter the Blu-Ray and Prize Pack contest for

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