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This weeks biggest releases are definitely ParaNorman, Lawless, Men in Black III, and Step Up Revolution, in my opinion. Talk about a difference in movie genres: Dancing, Animation, Drama, Aliens! The best reviewed of the bunch is ParaNorman, so if you missed this one in theaters you definitely need to catch it

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Politics: with the Republican National Convention hoopla happening right now, the Democratic National Convention taking place next week, and the Presidential election right around the corner, it’s all anyone can talk about. It makes sense that several Oscar-centric articles have focused on how the political atmosphere can affect an awards

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In the world of supernatural horror, it’s difficult to be scary and pay homage to your influences without giving off the appearance of ripping them off. So much has to be done right to make a legitimately frightening haunted house movie that each subsequent offering we receive, whether it be

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Warner Bros. has just released pictures of their 2011 line-up.   Included are the following: Never-before-seen images from Sherlock Holmes 2 featuring Noomi Rapace in her Hollywood debut One shot of the guys from The Hangover 2 at the airport First look photo at Horrible Bosses starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis. New shots from Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson Final Destination 5 with Emma

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