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This time on The BastardCast, we fight off tryptophan and pie guilt to talk about a new ROADHOUSE, the FAMILY GUY why, DOCTOR WHO, Rob Ford spoof/tribute porn, and (sorta) Taco Talk!

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No, I have not abandoned New Girl and have been very disappointed by the sequence of events that led me to miss out on the last few weeks of reviews, but I’m back and just in time!  This episode was rife with guest stars of exceptional caliber and nostalgia inducing

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Just when we all got Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” song out of our heads, now there’s a new seasonal jam from the same music production company. The young tween Nicole Westbrook loves the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving for all the good times, good food, and giving thanks. She loves it so much, she

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While everyone lists the things they’re thankful for in terms of family, friends, loved ones, life experiences and all that mumbo jumbo, I need to send out a few thanks for the pop culture, TV, and movie related things that helped make this year awesome. 1. Superhero Movies I am

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