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Here we are a little over a week away from the best holiday ever and it was asked of me to share with you my choice for most traumatizing movie. This wasn’t an easy task as I grew up on a steady diet of pop tarts, big macs and horror

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After a slight delay Film Club returns and throws you grunts deep beyond enemy lines as we crawl across Stanley Kubrick’s political war/anti-war classic, Full Metal Jacket.

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Room 237
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One of the best qualities of art – perhaps the best quality – is that it can take on meanings beyond its creator’s original intent. But how far is too far? That’s the question posed by Room 237, a feature-length critical analysis of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining. Its commentators are

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Anthony Ingruber is a talented impressionist who also acts in films and TV. He’s done plenty of impressions that range from Leonardo DiCaprio to Daniel Day Lewis and continues to post up a vast range of awesome famous impressions. You can see him in The Name of God which is

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Pixar might have a new artist in Kyle Lambert.  Lambert recently combined Toy Story and The Shining in a art series he calls, Toy Shining.  This hilarious story combines these two movies in a genius way, and the art itself was perfect.  Lambert did all of the drawings and art on

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