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Even the most carefully-composed Oscar ballots can be thrown into disarray by the Short Film categories, a triad of perennially underseen and impossible-to-predict awards lumped together in some obscure corner of the TV broadcast.  And that’s a shame.  Not only have several past winners gone on to make their mark

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26 letters of the alphabet. 26 different ways to die. A fairly simple premise, but it’s the sheer absurdity and audacity of some of the shorts that make The ABCs of Death a surprisingly fun watch. Rather than go through all 26 shorts and break them them down, let’s just dwell

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The carnival-barker title of Stars in Shorts is practically begging for an exclamation point, but its appeal to name recognition makes commercial sense:  it’s an attempt to position short films as something other than film festival fodder or the things that screw up people’s Oscar ballots.  The seven-film anthology is

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The internet is a marvelous place–at least most of the time–where we can go to find anything that can be typed into a search bar. How many videos on YouTube contain somebody actually saying “this is so going on YouTube?” Everyone wants to make a film, but not many of

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The Academy Award nominated live-action films are a mixed bag, but a few are worth seeing.

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