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I hate when this happens. An actor, director, writer, producer or someone involved in a project is someone I absolutely love, but I can’t get behind it. Then it’s part of my job to tell you all about it, even though I really may not want to do so. In

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Check out the lady-centric TV series returning/starting in April—including THE MINDY PROJECT, VEEP, AWKWARD. and ORPHAN BLACK

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The Screen Invasion Team watches a lot of television. (Something you may have guessed from the many, many recaps posted daily.) As we watched our Fall TV faves, we noticed a trend: namely, female characters who are kicking ass and taking names (literally, in some cases). Ladies so successfully dominating their respective TV-universes that nothing keeps them down for long. And we wanted to do a little something to show these kick-ass TV chicks the R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is so rightly theirs.

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The second season of Shameless premiered Sunday January 8, 2012 with much anticipation. The first season of the US version of the show was highly acclaimed by many critics and even earned Joan Cusack an Emmy nomination. Oh where to begin with this episode. The Gallagher’s are alive and well this

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