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  If the phrase “Too soon, too soon,” has a corollary, it’s, of course, the opposite: “Too late, too late,” four words that aptly, succinctly describe Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, the too-long-in-the-making, once-anticipated, now yawn-inducing adaptation of Seth Graham-Smith’s (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) Jane Austen mash-up of the same

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Benjamin Walker in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"
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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a thoroughly inept film. Seth Grahame-Smith’s screenplay is a broken mess, filled with aimless exposition and voice overs that infuriate more than entertain.

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IGN just posted the bloody good red band trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I am so excited for this! While the red band trailer doesn’t show much more in terms of plot or surprises, it does have lots of awesome blood splatter, fight scenes, and the many ways in

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