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Knights of the Old Republic

The big story from Comic-Con was of course Star Wars The Force Awakens. Watch the behind-the-scenes clip here.

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At Comic-Con, they showed the first peek at the much anticipated The Man in the High Castle series, which is debuting this fall.

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GeekyTVWeb Series

Crackle is bringing together a hugely talented cast for their latest cartoon show, Supermansions. Some of the best people in comedy right now, including Keegan Michael Key, Seth Green, and Jillian Bell join forces with Zeb Wells and some of the other minds behind Robot Chicken for the highly anticipated

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The panel opened with an amazing clip previewing the rest of this season including snippets of Lydia getting worked on by The Doctors, someone evil talking to Stiles and sharing this chilling exchange: “Everyone wants something.” “What do you want?” “To see you scream.” It also had some very foreboding

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The panel opened with an awesome drumline of people all in white that was truly epic! Then it went straight into a special message from District 13: Freedom is Worth Fighting For. The army of military people doing gun rotations leading into Katniss walking down the center and taking her

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