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The moment William Shatner signed on to play one of the most beloved figures in television and film history, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, his life changed forever. He loved and adored by millions of people, but his most loyal fanbase is definitely the Trekkie! He continues to stay involved with the

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The Captains Close Up with William Shatner arrives on DVD on August 13. Join the original Star Trek captain, the iconic William Shatner, to travel the globe to sit with those who’ve also sat on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise

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It’s 2013!   A new year of movies and a new year of Video Vaults!  Why don’t we start it off right with a movie that celebrates the movies, 1997’s box office disaster, Cats Don’t Dance!  The only film ever produced by Turner Feature Animation Studio (before being absorbed in the

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