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Love Actually image: © 2003 Universal Studios.  ||  This Chick’s Flicks logo: © 2012 Kristal Bailey. Some people celebrate Christmas Day with family, friends, and presents under a tree. Others, like me, celebrate with a trip to the movies and dinner in Chinatown. Regardless of how you spend the day

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Shock! Horror! Scandal! The latest festive romance saga from the makers of Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, which tells the story of several couples who deal with love during the countdown to 2012, is predictably about as entertaining as biting your own lips off. And why doesn’t this film work

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With widespread unemployment, job opportunities more difficult to come by with every passing day, recurring anxiety that your next paycheck may very well be your last and, to top it all off, recent fears that the economy is going to take another terrifying plummet, forgive me for not being all

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