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In this week’s episode, we discuss the second-best movie from the Coen Brothers and The Dude’s Favorite Rap Artist. This week we took a poll on our Twitter @DudeAbidesPod asking our fans which rap artist The Dude would listen to from the following list: RUN-DMC Beastie Boys Slick Rick NWA

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Rarely do I get the opportunity to write about my musical tastes as I’m usually focused on my television or film obsession(s).  I love music,  it moves me like nothing can and I love sharing it with others.  Every year I get more and more aggravated by Christmas music, mainly

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  This week we shut down the regular schedule for 2011 and get ready for our end of year evaluation. Music featured includes Lana Del Ray, Grabbel and the Final Cut, Giraffage and The Black Keys. Download Episode Tracklist Kick Start Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC Album Samplers Limitless

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