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Casino movies are some of the best films out there! People love playing casino games and love the high stakes of big money, especially when its not their own money in danger. We had some fun with this and decided to re-watch all the casino-focused flicks that always make those

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It’s hard to find poker movies these days, and it’s even harder to find a poker movie that’s actually good. Casino Royale was a solid movie, but the realism of the poker leaves a bit to be desired. Rounders is the perfect poker movie, and the bar that every other

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Having posted two chick flick Gift Guides (Vintage Chick Flicks | Chick Flicks 101), to help girls and guys alike pick great holiday gifts for their favorite chick-flick-lovers, it seems only fair to offer some dude-centric guidance too. Combining personal knowledge with input from some members of the fabulous Screen Invasion Team,

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Pulling off a good poker movie is hard. It really is. The line between entertaining and non-believable is a thin one when it comes to movies, and directors often flirt with it too closely. Some movies can pull it off well, but others…well, let’s just to our list.  If this

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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to gamble every now and then. There’s not much better then the thrill of knowing that your money relies on a pass, a shot, or when you can control it, a hand of poker. Poker is my go-to game, and it has

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