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Blu-ray and DVDGift Guides

Having posted two chick flick Gift Guides (Vintage Chick Flicks | Chick Flicks 101), to help girls and guys alike pick great holiday gifts for their favorite chick-flick-lovers, it seems only fair to offer some dude-centric guidance too. Combining personal knowledge with input from some members of the fabulous Screen Invasion Team,

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A teaser trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues has finally hit the web. We had heard last week that this teaser trailer was attached to The Dictator when you see it in theaters but no web copy had been posted. The awesome people at posted the teaser featuring the

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Apparently at last nights midnight showing of The Dictator, a short teaser trailer was shown for the upcoming sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues. I am highly disappointed I was not in attendance for this teaser. It may be just to get the hype going but still, I love a good

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As I posted a couple weeks ago, Anchorman 2 has finally been green lit. After an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Adam McKay gives us reasons why it has taken so long to get the green light and tells a just a hint at the story line. All we know

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