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This week The Popcast team reassemble itself like a broken lego structure to talk about the few things we’ve seen, Shia’s paper bag, curling our favourite PSH performances, and more.

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I’m nauseous with excitement for The Master and the new poster is quite fitting. I like a good poster – most posters follow a tedious mold. Sex-romps gather pimply-face pre-teens between a woman’s legs. Thrillers slap Denzel Washington‘s face diagonally from his co-star’s expressing anger. And sappy-romances have Nicholas Sparks‘

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Here it is. Finally. The first official trailer for what is likely to be P.T. Anderson‘s sixth masterpiece (6 for 6 ain’t bad, eh?). There are some familiar scenes cropping up here, with maybe a few extra seconds added in, giving them more depth. And many of the new scenes

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A favorite of P.T. Anderson’s, PSH has appeared in nearly all of his films, but for the first time, takes center-stage. And then…he asks a lot of questions. To which Joaquin Phoenix answers with…some more questions. Oh man, I have so many questions!

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