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FeaturesMoviesThis Chick's Flicks

A retrospective analysis of 2012’s chick flicks and a few of my hopes and dreams for 2013’s.

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Blu-ray and DVD

It’s time for another Blu-Ray/DVD Round-up! Check out the latest releases! See which ones you should skip, rent or buy! This week I think the big releases this week are The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray, Dark Shadows, People Like Us and New Girl!

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MusicMusic Review

A.R Rahman is an Academy Award winning Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, and musician. One film many people will remember him being the composer of was Slumdog Millionaire which did amazing at the Academy Awards in 2009, earning him a lot of praise. He also did the composing for 127

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FeaturesMoviesOscar Watching

For the last several weeks, we’ve been chatting about various movies and their possibilities for Oscar glory, but two very important things happened within the Academy last week. This week, we’ll discuss two movies that might be in the hunt for Oscar and later talk about the official Academy changes

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Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine are continuing their string of films this year in a dramedy called People Like Us.  Banks plays Frankie, a bartender and a single mother with a young son who is quite the trouble maker.  Chris Pine plays Sam, a successful businessman with a heap of debt

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