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Here is some awesome Batman character art by Otis Frampton.  I loved his Star Wars art, and I love his Batman art even more.  He’s got such a cool style, I could definitely see this as an animated series. All of your favorite Batman characters are here, including The Joker, Riddler,

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While the kids today don’t know who Max Fleischer was, his contributions to the advancement of animated family entertainment are pretty important.  Betty Boop, Popeye, and Superman are just a few of the many characters he brought to the big screen, along with some pretty significant creative and technical innovations. 

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Comic Book

Welcome back comic fans, to your number one weekly fix for all things inked and paneled. If you joined me last week, you will know that I got slightly delayed in regards talking bout’ V For Vendetta. Well as promised, our main feature for this week’s Comics Corner is the classic

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