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1-The Film Doesn’t Make a Big Deal About Having an All Female Lead Cast Just like with The Heat or Spy, we have the sense that director Paul Fig assembled a great cast of comedians he likes to work with, who just happened to be women. There are no allusions

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  Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Yes, the Ghostbusters reboot features an all-female team, causing quite a few to bash the film sight unseen with claims their childhood will be ruined because it isn’t four males this time around. It’s safe to say that nobody’s childhood will be

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There’s one reason to see The Boss. One. It’s also the only reason anybody would pay money to see the film anyway, but that doesn’t take away from the reason’s emphasis, because it’s a pretty big one. Melissa McCarthy. Ever since Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids in 2011, the Academy Award nominated McCarthy has

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McCarthy is back with a near stellar action-comedy Spy movie, a Bond-by-way-of-Bourne spoof that delivers almost as much action as comedy.

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The Heat has the distinct honor of being the only major motion picture that was released this summer to star women. In a season overwhelmed with super-men, child-men, amourous-men, and so forth, The Heat was a breath of fresh air when I caught it in the theaters. Starring Sandra Bullock and

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Join THE HEAT co-stars Jamie Denbo & Jessica Chaffin for a “Girls Night In” Digital HD Twitter Party on Friday, October 4 @ 9PM EST / 6PM PST.

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Check out the trailer for The Heat, directed by Paul Feig which stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy with writing by Kate Dippold. Since it’s directed by the director of the comedy hit Bridesmaids, I’m going to assume this movie will be awesome…and hilarious! Plus, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are two incredibly lovely

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And I’m even more excited to be covering this festival than I was before.  Comic genius abounds, as well as a couple of my favs from Parenthood, Mae Whitman and Dax Shepard.  Look for my coverage of the ATX Television Festival June 1-3 and beyond and follow me on Twitter

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