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Mad Max Fury Road
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A lot of great stuff happened in 2015. Star Wars is back (and pretty cool again), James Bond returned, Fargo was better than ever … choosing only 15 great things from the year wasn’t the easiest task in the world. But when one decides to write about 15 – and only 15 – great

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Today is Aziz Ansari’s Birthday! Every hundred thousand years or so, there comes along a comedian like Aziz Ansari who makes the world laugh out of sheer chillaxed antics, impeccable comedic timing, and representation of the mediocrity of the normal dude’s life.

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As long as Leslie Knope is willing to change her to name to Leslie Wyatt, or Congresswoman Mrs. Ben Wyatt (it’s a deal-breaker), Ben and Leslie are set to be married the same night of the park fundraiser gala, instead of three months from now. Just kidding. Leslie wouldn’t change

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One of the best things about television is the variety of content and subject matter that is available for consumption. It is so wide-reaching, there are so many channels, genres and series to choose from that pretty much anyone can find something they enjoy. Add to that options like Netflix and Hulu to get caught up on shows you may have missed or as an introduction to new series and there is no end to the possibilities for viewing enjoyment. As it turns out, television in 2012 is so varied that there was little to no agreement on any of our writers’ favorites.

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I guess after back-to-back-to-back very good episodes to open the series, each one topping the one before it, a part of me was simply expecting Girls to tail off a bit. It’s not the type of show I normally gravitate towards. It’s a comedy with a very distinct and new

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Safety Not Guaranteed is such a great film! The film got fantastic reviews out of the Sundance Film Festival, which made me very jealous since I wasn’t there to enjoy it. Luckily, it was selected to come to SXSW this year and I was in attendance for that particular festival.

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