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This weeks biggest releases are Seven Psychopaths, Hotel Transylvania, Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 3, Hello I Must Be Going, and Paranormal Activity 4. Hotel Transylvania got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Also, Downton Abbey is one of the hottest shows out right now! Here’s a clip from

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By the time the fourth sequel rolls around, in order for a franchise to survive it needs to break out of the mold it created, and on that level the movie failed to possess me.

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John Hawkes as Mark O'Brien in The Sessions
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This week’s title might come across as rude, but how much of the last week actually affected the Oscar race? It seems we may have already reached that dreaded point where events and precursors point to conclusions we’ve already figured for ourselves. It’s only a matter of time before people

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Each month I pick movies that are the must-see, cream of the crop. They’ll either be films coming out in theaters that week or something on Netflix I think that’s worth the watch. The top four films for the month will be ones that have the a lot of buzz,

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Fall is an interesting time at the box office. It’s a mix of summer leftovers and the beginnings of the award season hopefuls. It’s an ecclectic mix where you have family friendly fare alongside depressing dramas vying for Oscars. Even the term “Fall release” needed some clarification. We decided that

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In today’s news invasion we feature The Expendables 2, The Hangover III, Paranormal Activity 4, Arrow, I, Alex Cross and more.

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There has not been an official plot yet, but Paranormal Activity fans got of taste of what’s coming this October with two new trailers for Paranormal Activity 4.  Year after year fans have been scared to tears by these films and it looks as though the story is going to

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At the start of every year you can throw a rock into the internet and find yourself hitting half a dozen “Most Anticipated Movies” lists. But you never see anyone take on the role of cinematic guardian, protecting people from the biggest, dirtiest turkeys set to take flight over the

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