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It happens a lot. We are watching a TV show or a movie and we think to ourselves, “wait! What have I seen this actor or actress in before?” Then, while marveling at their talent, we head on over to IMDb and check to see who the person is and

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The first part of the television season is winding down, so this week we discuss how we feel the new shows have been doing to date. We also talk about AFI’s Top Ten of 2011 list, and GLEE and GRIMM’s casting developments. Check out the breakdown below. (PS – We

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It’s like a real podcast now that there’s more than just the one episode!  This week, we dive in to the Nick at Nite Friends marathon, FX’s quality television programming, the upcoming new shows we’re excited about, and the strange decision to have Eddie Murphy host the Oscars. Listen to

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