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  Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Yes, the Ghostbusters reboot features an all-female team, causing quite a few to bash the film sight unseen with claims their childhood will be ruined because it isn’t four males this time around. It’s safe to say that nobody’s childhood will be

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Flex is Kings is a great documentary that takes you inside the world of Flexing, the latest dance craze in Brooklyn, NY.

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For 13 years I anxiously waited to find a copy of and the time to watch 2000’s epic five-part fairytale miniseries The 10th Kingdom. Netflix finally made that happen.

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The internet is a marvelous place–at least most of the time–where we can go to find anything that can be typed into a search bar. How many videos on YouTube contain somebody actually saying “this is so going on YouTube?” Everyone wants to make a film, but not many of

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Rooftop Films has announced its line-up for the 16th Annual Summer Series, presented by AT&T. This Is What We Mean By Short Films will kick off the series on May 11, and 23 feature films along with 183 short films will be screened before the series wraps up Saturday, August

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