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  Director/Writer: Nacho Vigalondo. Actors: Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Stevens. Alcoholism and addiction is devastating both for the person going through this disease and the people around them. And in director Nacho Vigalondo’s new movie, COLOSSAL, the devastation is very literal in the form a Godzilla-esque creature. Anne

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Mondo’s commitment to vinyl soundtrack releases this year has been impressive, immersive and quite eclectic. Rather than lingering within a specific genre, Mondo has created a sort of round robin of releases, with fans and collectors never knowing what’s coming next. In a year that started with The Deadly Spawn and most

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Blu-ray and DVDMovie Review

Juan of the dead is a fantastic example of what a zombie film can be; clever, funny and full of heart.

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Nacho Vigalondo’s Extraterrestrial arrives in theaters on June 15. I had the chance to screen this film in my home this past weekend. I have been a fan of Vigalondo since he directed TimeCrimes.

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