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In this week’s episode, we discuss the second-best movie from the Coen Brothers and The Dude’s Favorite Rap Artist. This week we took a poll on our Twitter @DudeAbidesPod asking our fans which rap artist The Dude would listen to from the following list: RUN-DMC Beastie Boys Slick Rick NWA

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straight outta compton
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STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON: Simultaneously de-mythologizes and re-mythologizes N.W.A.’s contributions to rap music and hip-hop culture.

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One of the pioneer groups of Hip-Hop, the California-created N.W.A., may get their own biopic. Director John Singleton may helm the film which will showcase the origins of the super squad led by the late Eazy-E. Ice Cube, who was also part of the team which included Dr. Dre, has

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