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The short film, ZWART, from ScreamFest 2020, reminds you not to give up too much information when you’re doing something online. Oftentimes we get caught up in the lure of the internet and we don’t realize what bad things can happen. It’s directed by Tommie Geraedts and written by Roy

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“Before there was punk, there was A Band Called Death”, a 1970’s Detroit punk band formed by three African American teenage brothers- David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney. They are now getting the recognition they deserve, including being known as the first black punk band.

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Errors of the Human Body
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The subgenre of the medical thriller has become fairly constrictive lately. Sitting down for a medical thriller generally prepares you for one of two things: a chop-a-thon with a Josef Mengele-like villain or a “playing God” ethical dilemma. Errors of the Human Body has none of the former, some of

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The most challenging aspect about the film, PINCHING PENNY, is being able to keep your focus on the fast paced story that goes around several nail biting curves on its way to the finish line.

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