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INSIDE OUT positively overflows with some of Pixar’s most inventive, most imaginative world-building.

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Inside Out

Pixar has released new details about their next film, INSIDE OUT.

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the mindy project

One of my favorite sitcoms this season is the vastly underrated and under-watched The Mindy Project. While it had an uneven first season, filled with some cast changes and tonal shifts, its grown into an effortless, hilarious ensemble comedy about dating and friendship. And while it’s still very much Mindy Kaling’s show,

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This weeks release is one of funniest film in a long time. This Is The End showed us what life would be like during the apocalypse at James Franco’s house.

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This week there’s a nice arrangement of releases with Olympus Has Fallen being the main one most people will definitely be buying!

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This weeks biggest release is the Oscar nominated film Wreck-It Ralph! You can also enter our contest to win the film on Blu-Ray! Other big releases this week are: The Intouchables and Collaborator. Here’s a clip from Wreck-It Ralph: And as usual, please don’t hesitate to share what Blu-Rays and

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TVWeb Series

One of the best things about television is the variety of content and subject matter that is available for consumption. It is so wide-reaching, there are so many channels, genres and series to choose from that pretty much anyone can find something they enjoy. Add to that options like Netflix and Hulu to get caught up on shows you may have missed or as an introduction to new series and there is no end to the possibilities for viewing enjoyment. As it turns out, television in 2012 is so varied that there was little to no agreement on any of our writers’ favorites.

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Dear Readers, First-timers should check out the original This Chick’s Flicks post, What’s In A Name?: Re-Defining “CHICK FLICK”, before continuing. To my faithful return readers, I bid you welcome once more! On to the topic of the day… The Five-Year Engagement—a rom-com written by Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel, produced by

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Greg Daniels has returned as the new showrunner for Season 9 of ‘The Office‘, replacing Paul Lieberstein who recurred on the show as Toby Flenderson. Daniels, the showrunner of Seasons 1 through 4, has recently announced that the upcoming season will be the last one–for many fans coming at the right time and for

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This is the busiest time of the year for TV! Upfronts have been a flurry of renewals, cancellations, schedule changes, and now new pilot pick-ups. We’ve already highlighted the new shows on CBS, the #1 network of the bunch. Now let’s dig in to FOX! They had a rough season

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This week on The Small Screen Podcast we cover a lot of news including shake-ups at Dunder Mifflin, Netflix entering the Save Our Show arena, and a lot of TV renewal. We also discuss what we’ve been watching and what we’re looking forward to during this upcoming week. If you

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THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT looks like it will be another great film from writer director Nicholas Stoller (GET HIM TO THE GREEK and FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL). The movie follows Tom Solomon (Jason Segel) and Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt) as they get engaged and the years the subsequently follow. The original plan

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