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the fault in our stars
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THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort): An emotional wrecking ball of a movie that is well worth all the tears.

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It’s a new year and that means a whole big batch of new movies! 2014 is sure to make any film lover excited!

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  This week there are some really great releases: Pitch Perfect, Total Recall, Trouble with the Curve, Sleepwalk With Me, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. A really interesting mixture of genres! Here’s a clip from Pitch Perfect: [springboard type=”video” id=”627857″ player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ] And as usual, please

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This week we have two big releases! I’d say the biggest one is The Campaign with Safety Not Guaranteed as the other big release. The Campaign was one of the big comedies that came out during the summer and Safety Not Guaranteed definitely got some buzz as a great film.

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Politics: with the Republican National Convention hoopla happening right now, the Democratic National Convention taking place next week, and the Presidential election right around the corner, it’s all anyone can talk about. It makes sense that several Oscar-centric articles have focused on how the political atmosphere can affect an awards

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I have been waiting quite a while to see something from this particular film. Sleepwalk With Me is comedian Mike Birbiglia‘s first co-directorial outing and what a topic to choose. The film  is loosely based on the comedians actual real life experiences. He originally turned this material from his stand-up

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Following last week’s premiere episode, the Internet was abuzz with Girls backlash, attacking the show for seemingly every plausible reason. Some blasted it for being a pasty-white depiction of the most diverse city in the world. Others claimed Dunham and company have a sense of entitlement, as each of the

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Mike Birbiglia might not be a name that’s easily recognizable, but his brand of comedy has amassed a bit of a following. Sleepwalk With Me was able to be funded based off the success of his one man, off-Broadway show. Like most comedians, he bases his jokes off of his own life,

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