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The Prestige

Author Christopher Priest opens up about his new novel and the film adaptation of The Prestige.

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unreliable narrator

The presentation of first person narration or internal monologue within neo-noir has a drastic effect on this understanding of truth, altering sequences and twisting the audience’s perception of the story to an extent where all is manipulated.

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Blu-ray and DVDGift GuidesMovies

It’s the holiday season! Which means tons of shopping is definitely on everyone’s agenda, so what better gifts to buy than awesome box sets of their favorite movies and TV shows? I’ve conjured up a really cool list of great box sets to get the TV show and movie lover

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Upcoming Western crime drama Lawless has unveiled several posters of each ensemble character, featuring quite an impressive cast. Director John Hillcoat takes another turn with actor Guy Pearce (Memento), with whom he’s previously worked with on The Proposition (2006). In addition to Pearce, the cast of Lawless includes: Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Shia

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