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  If the phrase “Too soon, too soon,” has a corollary, it’s, of course, the opposite: “Too late, too late,” four words that aptly, succinctly describe Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, the too-long-in-the-making, once-anticipated, now yawn-inducing adaptation of Seth Graham-Smith’s (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) Jane Austen mash-up of the same

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Terminator Genisys
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TERMINATOR GENISYS — Attempts a complete franchise reboot, but there’s a difference between attempting and achieving.

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lost river

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut LOST RIVER, formerly named How To Catch A Monster, gets a teaser and lots of Matt Smith muscles!

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Faithful companion Eric Sipple guides new Whovians Paul and AJ through the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly world of Doctor Who in this week’s Gobbledygeek.

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It’s a new year and that means a whole big batch of new movies! 2014 is sure to make any film lover excited!

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As filming for series 8, with Peter Capaldi as the new doctor, begins soon…let us take a look back at the moments that made us all love Matt Smith’s incarnation of the doctor.

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Doctor Who is one of the biggest and most popular shows on TV and it’s gained a huge fanbase recently with the show celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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By now all us Whovians have had a chance to se the 50th Anniversary Special (if you haven’t, turn back now and go see it!).  I found the episode a thrilling and delightful love letter to fans young and old throughout the years, but as is often the case with

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Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor of Doctor Who, has announced that he is retiring. Keep reading to learn more about this TV news.

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