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Acting since the age of five, Sarah Hyland is no stranger to the world of small and silver screen comedy. Best known as Haley Dunphy on ABC’s ‘Modern Family,’ Hyland has also worked with the likes of Howard Stern and Jennifer Aniston, and starred in a Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Geek Charming.’ In her latest film role, Hyland tackles a different kind of comedy—that of the dark teen variety—in Brian Dannelly’s (‘Saved!’) ‘Struck By Lightning.’

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Taking on the well-worn subjects of high school angst and drama, it would be easy for STRUCK BY LIGHTNING to feel trite and clichéd. But STRUCK BY LIGHTNING is not your average high school coming-of-age movie. It dares to be different from start to finish, and succeeds in being a funny and enjoyable dark teen comedy that pulls no punches about, well, anything.

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Most rites of passage today are particular to a gender, religion, community, or the like. There is one, however, that remains an obstacle to all, regardless of personal traits and affiliations. struck by lightning Yup, you guessed it: I’m talking about high school. A society comprised of and ruled by

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Dear Readers, I originally had another topic in mind for this week’s post…but then I finally got around to watching a movie that had been on my to-watch list for a while, *loved* it, and decided that I’d give you all a quickie recommendation instead. Conception, written and directed by

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