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Office Christmas Party
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The trailers for Office Christmas Party did exactly what trailers are supposed to. It made the movie look like a raucous good time, worth the price of admission of time commitment. The problem is the trailers did so at the expense of most every funny bit in the movie. The latest in

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When you’re a cop fighting crime, whichever city you’re in, whatever case you are solving, however devious your nemesis may be, it is always good to have someone who’s got your back. With one of the best cop duos in recent history out on Blu-ray and DVD this week in

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Today Video Vault remembers “Weird Al” Yankovic’s cult classic UHF!  Hot off the heals of one of Orion Pictures’s best test screenings ever, the film was expected to save the studio in the summer of 1989.  As we all know, this didn’t happen.  Mixed reviews and heavy box office competition

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All of the recent Avengers hullabaloo has, undoubtedly, rekindled Warner Bros.’ Justice League flame because earlier this week they revealed that Will Beall is currently working on a Justice League script.  Apparently he has been working on it for some time as well!  Beall’s only previous credits include TV’s Castle

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Say what you will about Mel Gibson and the turn his career has taken, you can’t deny that he still brings it with every role. The ‘it’ being the badassness he’s always brought to every role ever since 1979 and a little film called Mad Max. Get the Gringo isn’t

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