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FAULTS: Riley Stearns has crafted a smart, efficient thriller here—the kind of film that feels off kilter the whole time.

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We’re almost there horror fans, and last week delivered an American Horror Story: Coven episode that in many ways felt like the one I’ve been waiting all season to see; scary, funny, gleefully wicked, and full of all sorts great supernatural twists and turns.

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This week’s big releases are Taken 2, Won’t Back Down, To Rome with Love, and Being Human: Season 4. An interesting mixture of genres! Here’s a clip from Taken 2: [springboard type=”video” id=”644507″ player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ] And as usual, please don’t hesitate to share what Blu-Rays and DVDs you’ve bought recently, or plan to

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‘Won’t Back Down’ tells an inspirational tale about two ferocious mama-bears who can no longer ignore the shortcomings of their children’s public school. The film is not anti-union or anti-labor—in fact, it highlights many of the benefits and protections provided by such organizations. If it is anti anything, it’s anti allowing any interest to work to the detriment of the public school system’s intended beneficiaries: the students.

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TRON LIVES!  If you’re not watching Tron: Uprising, you are missing out on one of the most sophisticated and beautiful animated series ever produced for American TV.  Despite airing on the Disney XD channel, there is nothing “kiddie” about this continuation of the Tron mythology.  Bridging the gap between Tron

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