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PIXELS: The best visual effects $100 million can buy make it an almost bearable experience (operative word being “almost”).

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This weeks biggest releases are Seven Psychopaths, Hotel Transylvania, Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 3, Hello I Must Be Going, and Paranormal Activity 4. Hotel Transylvania got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Also, Downton Abbey is one of the hottest shows out right now! Here’s a clip from

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I almost devoted the majority of this week’s Oscar Watching to Ben Affleck’s fact-based thriller Argo. But we talked about that one upon its Telluride premiere. The film still merits some space here since it opened this past weekend, but again, we’ve known where that one stands for some time,

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This is the type of trailer (thanks in no small part to the narrator’s voice) that gives me chills in the theater because I get so excited to see the film!  I still got that feeling watching this trailer on my laptop just now.  There are elements of so many

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