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This week we have Cloud Atlas, Dexter: The Seventh Season and MythBusters: Collection 9 as the must have’s!

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Sometimes movies show nothing but people running around with guns and car chases. Sometimes they are about much more, and can inspire us and make us take a look at life as a journey. Cloud Atlas manages to do both: a beautiful film that explores the human experience and existentialism through history, action sequences,

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Each month I pick movies that are the must-see, cream of the crop. They’ll either be films coming out in theaters that week or something on Netflix I think that’s worth the watch. The top four films for the month will be ones that have the a lot of buzz,

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The Venice Film Festival, which we discussed last week, might give way to some Oscar contenders, but the Toronto International Film Festival is where the awards season really begins. After all, the last five Picture winners played at the fest. If that trend continues, one hoping to find this year’s eventual

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Images for the upcoming film Cloud Atlas which is directed by Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer and Andy Wachowski has been released along with a first look at the movie! According to Screen Rant (where you can also find all the images), the David Mitchell prize-winning novel turned film cost more than

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Two years after reported info on a sci-fi romance titled UPSIDE DOWN finally gets some follow-up verbage.  Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess are pretty much star crossed lovers who live in mirror imaged worlds of one another.  We have an Entertainment Tonight behind-the-scenes  spot of the film below.    

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