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Stockings full of new covers of traditional Christmas tunes are released every year.  They have got to be some of the most covered songs ever written.  I would be set for life if I owned the rights to “The Christmas Song”!  From power pop divas to folksy indie rockers, we all have our

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This week Video Vault gets moved by the heartwarming tale of 1998’s Simon Birch.  Loosely based on John Irving‘s 1989 novel A Prayer for Owen Meany, the film stars Jurassic Park‘s Joseph Mazzello and first-and-only-time actor, Ian Michael Smith, as best friends growing up in a 1950’s small New England

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If the film were satiric, I could sing it praises. Unfortunately, the intention is for us to take it at face value. If this were an elaborate visually stunning joke at the expense of privileged miserable hipster wannabe artistes, who even under the imminent threat of destruction fail to create a meaningful human bond, I would be applauding. Sadly, the scene where Leigh’s Skye patronizingly embraces the delivery boy, is quite sincerely meant to display the character’s level of enlightenment. In reality, it is a somewhat shameful display of what the upper class understands under compassion and charity. We are expected to believe that TV commentators abandon their posts to be with their families, yet delivery boys will keep running errands, quietly and obediently live out their purpose of serving the rich until their bodies disintegrate.

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