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Anyone who tuned into then newest Walking Dead tonight, got treated to a brand spanking new MASS EFFECT 3 trailer, entitled Take Back Earth. The trailer which is embed below showcases the reaper invasion landing on planet earth. This would be the first time we are actually shown earth in the Mass

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Jersey Shore’s most recent episode (aired February 16, 2012) wasn’t too exciting. This seemed like one of those “in between drama” episodes. You know, the ones where nothing really happens but they make it seem like it does? That kind of episode.       Okay, so this is a

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Love ’em or hate ’em , they are back. In just about a month, we will be fist pumped again with the fifth season of JERSEY SHORE only on MTV.  The whole crew returns to Jersey directly after their trip to Italy.  Friendships will be tested, patience will be tried,

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