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We got a first look at USA’s DIG at Comic-Con this year. Check out the trailer and learn more about it here.

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It’s a new year and that means a whole big batch of new movies! 2014 is sure to make any film lover excited!

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I have been so looking forward to Awake and it is finally here.  I am a huge fan of Jason Isaacs and the storyline for this show intrigues me.  I am a little intimidated reviewing it after the first episode, there is just SO MUCH going on to try to

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Awake premiered this week on NBC.  I have really been looking forward to this pilot and was not disappointed.  We know from the commercials that Detective Britten lives in two realities; one in which his son survived a tragic accident but his wife has died, the other in which his

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RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION gets an official trailer. This will be the fifth installment in the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, this time in 3D. The trailer looks pretty epic with lots of action, let’s just hope the movie won’t be a disappointment. I liked the first two films in this franchise, but

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