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When everything in your life is falling apart, you have to try new things to get back on track. In the upcoming movie Wild, a woman makes the decision to hike 1,000 miles after facing too much devastation at once.

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Today was the day we all came together and realized just how much we love Emile Hirsch who is one of Hollywood’s coolest and incredibly talented actors.

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By John H. Foote   It happens every year. Inevitably there is one film (or more) that deserves to be nominated for Best Picture but for whatever reason misses the list, to be re-discovered by generations of audiences later and celebrated as the work of art it always was. Look

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Actors Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund, and director Walter Salles have a number of things in common. Some of their similarities are run-of-the-mill—for example, they all like to play pool and are all very attractive gentlemen. One thing they share, however, is quite special: each played an important role in the lengthy process of translating Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road from book to film for the first time.

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