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  Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Yes, the Ghostbusters reboot features an all-female team, causing quite a few to bash the film sight unseen with claims their childhood will be ruined because it isn’t four males this time around. It’s safe to say that nobody’s childhood will be

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Romancing the Stone is a quintessential eighties action/adventure movie.  The factors that were required for such a film were that it either had to be set in the future, space, deal with time travel or have a treasure hunting theme. This story became the adventure film alternative to the much

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MoviesVideo Vault

Today Video Vault remembers “Weird Al” Yankovic’s cult classic UHF!  Hot off the heals of one of Orion Pictures’s best test screenings ever, the film was expected to save the studio in the summer of 1989.  As we all know, this didn’t happen.  Mixed reviews and heavy box office competition

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Blu-ray and DVDMovies

Earlier we shared the news that Indiana Jones was finally headed to Blu-ray. Now we have the official bonus features for the four-disc set, and they are epic. Indiana Jones is my favorite character from when I was a kid. I currently own the DVD set of the first three films, and am looking forward to seeing these films in stunning Blu-ray picture and sound. Keep reading for all the bonus goodies.

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MusicMusic Review

It is hard to argue with the opinion that John Williams may be the most-celebrated film composer of all time.  With countless hummable tunes to some of the greatest cinematic treats in Hollywood history, there is no denying the man has made his mark of filmic history.  Having recently turned

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