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Heather McIntosh is a badass.  She may or may not corroborate this estimation of her character, but how else can you describe someone with her resume?  Ms. McIntosh is a cellist with a penchant for electronic music and a passion to share her creative spirit with the world. Heather scored

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This week’s biggest release are The Impossible, in which Naomi Watts got plenty of buzz and awards nominations for her beautiful performance in the film, Promised Land and Any Day Now.

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There’s a scene in Promised Land — Gus Van Sant‘s Oscar-bait drama about rural America and fracking — where John Krasinski‘s character Dusty Noble explains the intricacies of fracking to a group of children before burning down a model farm to show why fracking is bad. It’s a visually powerful scene, which

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Politics: with the Republican National Convention hoopla happening right now, the Democratic National Convention taking place next week, and the Presidential election right around the corner, it’s all anyone can talk about. It makes sense that several Oscar-centric articles have focused on how the political atmosphere can affect an awards

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