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The pre-Black Friday deals are coming fast and furious now! While many lightning deals aren’t worth a post on Screen Invasion because of their limited window, this box set of the five Planet of the Apes films is discounted 54% and only $22.99 this whole week! While not all of the Planet of

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Quick, pre-order the Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-Ray from Amazon right now! It’s only $30, which is an amazing deal considering the Blu-Ray of just The Dark Knight Rises is around $25. It’s so good, I bought two – one of for me and one to give as a gift this holiday

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If you enjoyed that song, you should definitely check out their latest album, which is available for free download starting today. Girl Talk is a one man mash-up phenom, taking clips and snippets of songs we already love and creating something entirely new and amazing out it. I’m a huge

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