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With the upcoming Star Wars resurgance, who isn’t a Star Wars fan nowadays? The below items are our favorites from the vast realms of the internet. It’s got everything including items for your kitchen, your car, for the one with a sweet tooth, and more. Plus, keep reading until the end to enter to

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Happy Black Friday, everyone! As I choke back vomit saying that, here’s my video game Gift Guide for 2013.

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Holiday shopping for the special chick-flick lover in your life? Check out these 2013 chick flicks on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download!

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Our comic book editor delivers unto you a list of under-the-radar comic book gifts and some tips on how to navigate the comic book marketplace in search of the perfect gift.

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It is truly a great time to be a Disney fan. Disney is now a massive corporation that includes properties like Marvel and Star Wars. This gift guide is for the traditionalists, the ones who know all the words to the power ballads from the 90’s, like “A Whole New

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As the evenings get shorter, the rain starts to sweep over the country, and temperatures drop, going out at night seems far less appealing than staying in in front of the television. To help get you through the next six months, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of box sets that

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